39/50.- Cairo, Egyptian museum, sarcophagus


The Middle Empire lasted more or less 500 years. The reunification of Egypt brought back part of the lost power to the pharaohs, and new pyramids and temples were constructed. At the end of this period the oldest parts of the temple of Karnak (in Luxor) were built.

In 1550 BC with the 18th dynasty begins the New Empire. This was, probably, old Egypt's golden age. Amon Ra was the new god for this new age that lasted more than 500 years.

During the New Empire the biggest and most beautiful temples were erected: the Temple of Luxor, Amenhotep I, 1525-1504; the Valley of the Kings, Tuthmosis I, 1504-1492; the Memnon Colossus, Amenotep III, 1391-1353; the Hatsetsup Tomb, 1473-1458, in the Valley of the Queens; and Abu Simbel, Ramses II, 1290-1224.

The last famous pharaoh was Ramses III (1194-1163). After several invasions the country was finally occupied by Alexander who founded Alexandria. Some years later the most famous queen of all times ruled in Egypt: Cleopatra.

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