38/50.- Cairo, Egyptian museum, first plant


In this museum you will find works from the ancient Egypt through the Roman empire times. The collection is huge, and I am sure you will enjoy your visit, but unfortunately the museum is somewhat chaotic. Not all the pieces in the museum have an explanation. You will need a guide to make your visit more profitable.

Refreshing your Egypt history knowledge will also make your visit to the museum more enjoyable.

The history of this country begins more than 5000 years ago, with the unification of the Hgh and the Low Egypt reigns. For more than 3000 years the capital of Egypt was Memphis (not much remains today there though). The Ancient Empire begins with the 4th dynasty (2575 BC), when the biggest pyramids were built (Kheops, Kefren and Mikerinos). During the following dynasties the pharaohs lost part of their power, which they had to share with nobles and priests. In 2040 BC begins the Middle Empire with the 11th dynasty.

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