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Egypt Tourist Information. Welcome to Egypt

Egypt, located in the northeast of Africa, is one of the world's top tourist destinations. The heritage of the ancient Egyptian civilization is visible throughout the country. Egypt is mostly a desert, an extension of the Sahara Desert.

When to Go/Climate: the climate is very dry and hot. July and August are the hottest months, traveling in these months is not recommended. The best time to travel to Egypt is in winter, from November through February. Spring and fall are ok, too. During the ninth month of the Islamic calendar, the Ramadan, some restaurants may be closed during the day, and transports may be less frequent.

Get in: The capital of Egypt, Cairo is the main gateway to Egypt, its airport is called Cairo International Airport (CAI). The country's main tourist destinations have international airports as well. Many charters fly to Egypt during the high season. Note that tourists from certain countries may need to apply for a Tourist Visa.

Get around: The best way to travel around is by train (always buy First Class tickets), bus and boat (on a Nile Cruise).

Money and Costs: The official currency is the Egyptian Pound (E£), but many tourist services accept American Dollars and Euros. Accommodation, food and transport are cheap, but admission fees to the country's main tourist attractions are expensive. A valid International Student Identity Card (ISIC) will reduce your costs. A service tip of 5-10% is expected.

Length of stay: if you want to visit Egypt's main tourist destinations, you will need three or four weeks.

Languages/People: 75 million people live in Egypt. People are friendly and open. Arabic is the local language, and although English is widely spoken in tourist businesses, most local people are unable to have a fluent conversation in English.

Food: Egypt's cuisine is very tasty. Some of the local dishes are the Ful Medames, fava beans partially mashed with olive oil, accompanied by pita bread; the falafel, fried bean balls, served as fast food; and Koshary, macaroni lentils, rice chickpeas with tomato sauce. In Egypt you will also find all major international fast food chains. The possibility of a parasite or a bacterial infection is high, it is recommended to bring medication.

Bellow these lines you will find a short description of Egypt's main tourist attractions. I hope you enjoy my virtual presentations. Enjoy



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Egypt map


Cairo Tourist Guide


Cairo is not only the capital of Egypt, but the biggest city in Africa, with more than 16 million inhabitants. Although it is a huge and chaotic metropolis, it is also a lovely destination.

Cairo Tourist Guide


As you probably know, this is the only seven wonder of the ancient times that remains today. They have stayed here for more than 4500 years.

Luxor Tourist Guide


Probably the most interesting destination in Egypt. In this city, the former Thebes, some of the biggest and best preserved temples of the ancient times can be visited.

Aswan Tourist Guide


Aswan is Egypt's most Southern city and has always been this country's main gate to the rest of Africa. The city is located in the ancient Nubian lands, and has been a winter tourist destination since the 19th century.

Cairo Tourist Guide

Abu Simbel

The Temple of Re-Harakhte is one of the most impressive temples in Egypt, and in the world, probably. This temple was dug on the Western mountain range in 1290-1224 BC in Abu Simbel, and was dedicated to the triad Amon-Ra, Ptah and Ra-Harakhte, by Ramses II.

Alexandria Tourist Guide


Located in the Mediterranean coast, Alexandria is one of the most mythical cities in Egypt. Unfortunately not much remains today of this city's golden ages. Most of the ruins are under the current buildings or under the water.

Red Sea Tourist Guide

Red Sea

The Red Sea is one of the world's most beautiful places. The landscapes here are amazing, but what has made this region famous worldwide is the richness of its underwater life.



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