30/43.- Prague, Vltava river


Prague has witnessed the formation and disappearance of many islands during its history. Currently there are some islands worth to visit. One of them is Oarsmen’s Island (Veslarky Ostrov), between the Podoli waterworks and the swimming stadium, where the rowing clubs have their headquarters. The Slavonic Island (Slovansky Ostrov), with its public baths and a reconstructed Neo-Renaissance cultural center, the Sítkov Tower and the Mánes Exhibition Hall. The Sharpshooters’ Island (Strelecky Ostrov), where there used to be the Sharpshooters shooting range. The Children’s Island (Detsky Ostrov) also known as the Jew Island. Kampa Island, with its beautiful gardens. Stvanice Island, with its power plant (which still produces almost 30% of the city’s electricity), its Ice Winter Stadium and its tennis courts.

On our left, on the top of the hill lies Vysehrad ...

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