1/43.- Welcome to Prague!!!


Welcome to Prague, the Capital of the Czech Republic. Praha (The name of the city in Czech) is known as the pearl of Europe for its beauty. Since the fall of the Iron Curtain the city is invaded every year by thousands of foreign visitors, which I am sure don’t leave disappointed. If you come with me I’ll try to show you some of the beauties that have made world wide famous this Bohemian city.

We’ll begin the Photographic Tour on Staromestské Námestí. Yes, I know. Unless you speak Czech, the names of squares, streets and monuments will sound very strange, but with a little time these unpronounceable words will sound familiar to you. If I am not wrong Staromestské Námestí means Old Town Square. In front of us we have the Kostel P. Marie Pred Tynem, probably the city's most typical postcard. The old Town Hall is the building we have on our left, let’s take a closer look at it ...

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