17/41.- Cesky Krumlov, old Town View


Here you can see again the Lazebnicky Bridge (bottom left) and the Church of St. Vitius (top).

If you’re visiting these pages most probably it is because you’re looking for some info before (or after) visiting Cesky Krumlov. If you haven’t decided whether to come or not, I must tell you that you should. Not only to see this wonderful city, but also to see some other cities in this great country. The Czech Republic is one of my favorite countries in Europe. It has some great landscapes, many interesting cities (Prague, Ceske Budejovice, Kumlov, ...), friendly people, beautiful women (and men, I guess), a rich social and cultural life, low prices, great beer, and many other things you’ll discover if you come here. There seems to be no reasons not to come.

Let’s take a look at the Mansion Tower from here ...

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