18/41.- Cesky Krumlov, Vltava River


The castle was founded in 1250 by the Lords of Krumlov, whose emblem was a five petal rose. The castle belonged to this family till 1302 when the Rozmberks installed their official residence here. During the Rozmberks period the castle (and the city) underwent a steadily growth, art and culture flourished. In 1602 debts forced Peter Vok of the Rozmberks to sell the Cesky Krumlov estate to the Emperor Rudolph II Habsburg. The castle was abandoned till the 1660’s when with the third generation of the Eggenberk dynasty local economy and culture underwent a second expansion period. In 1719 the mansion was acquired by the Schwanzenberg family, Josef Adam of Schwanzenberg (1722-1782) converted the city in the administrative, economic and cultural center of South Bohemia.

We will now visit the Mansion Garden ...

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