23/42.- Geneva, Tram Stop


In the picture you can see a curious sculpture at a tram stop. But now it is time to talk about more serious matters ...

One of the most famous sons of this town was born on June 17, 1712. His mother died soon after, and his father abandoned him when he was still a child. Even so, he dedicated his life to philosophy. His liberalism and his very advanced ideas on education ("L'Emile") and politics ("Le Contrat Social") brought him fame throughout Europe, but also some problems at home. First he was invited to come back to Geneva after years of living and travelling around Europe, but in 1762 he was condemned to exile. His ideas were too revolutionary. In 1834 one of the islands on the Rhone River was named after him. On this island the town of Geneva even dedicated a statue to him.

Can you guess his name if I tell you that his ideas sparked the French revolution? The answer is ... Jacques Rousseau.

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