22/42.- Geneva, the Reformation Wall


Walking south from the "Place Neuve" and the Opera House, you come to a nice park called the "Parc des Bastions". This is another good place to stroll through huge trees and green lawns. There are many university buildings are around this park. Expect that some of the many students here will accompany you.

In this park is also this 100m-long wall called the "Mur de la Réformation" (or Reformation Wall in plain English). It is dedicated, among others, to the four major Genevan reformers: Jean Calvin, the father of the reform; Guillaume Farel, the first to introduce the Reform in Geneva; Théodore de Bèze, successor of Calvin; and John Knox, founder of Scottish Presbyterianism. Along this wall there are many other bas reliefs depicting scenes from Protestant history.

"Post Tenebras Lux" --After the Darkness, Light.

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