1/42.- Welcome to Geneva, Switzerland!!!


Hello! Welcome to Geneva, Switzerland. Geneva, as you may well know, is not the capital of Switzerland, which is Bern, but it is considered the tourist capital of this unique nation in the Alps.

If you want to learn what the city of Geneva has to offer, stay with me. Follow the arrows and I will show you 42 original pictures of this town, and explain almost everything you need to know before coming here.

Geneva is a rather small town. It can be visited in a couple of days. Three or four days will be necessary if you want to visit its museums. If you want to visit some of the surrounding towns, you will need to stay at least one week.

We will start our virtual picture in front of one of the symbols of Geneva, the Flower Watch. This changing clock -- where more than 6,000 flowers are replanted each season -- was created in 1952 to symbolize the importance of Geneva's clock and watch industry.

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