18/42.- Geneva, Russian Church


Once you have visited the Art and History Museum, you should go to the Russian Church shown in the picture. The fact that one can find this sample of an Orthodox Russian church in Geneva rather surprised me. The explanation of why there is such a church in a Protestant city is quite interesting.

When James Fazy wrote the Geneva constitution in 1847, he included certain clauses in order for each different religion to have its particular religious service. Soon afterward, each congregation was granted a plot of land. First the Roman Catholics built their churches, followed by the Anglicans, Jews and the Freemasons.

Finally, in 1859, the Orthodox Russians were given their plot. In 1863, after receiving the funds from the Grand Duchess Anna Feodorovna Constancia, the construction of the Russian Church began. The gilded cupolas and the interior decorations are a must see.

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