17/42.- Geneva, Art and History Museum


A five minute walk uphill from Saint Peter's cathedral, you will find one of the most popular of the 40 museums in Geneva: the Art and History Museum. In front of a park with a great sculpture by Moore, a magnificent building host the History of Western art and culture.

The Museum consists of three sections: Archaeology, Beaux-arts and Applied Arts. In the archaeology section you can dive into displays of local pre-history, Egyptian and Near Eastern antiquity, and Etruscan, Greek and Roman civilizations. In the Beaux Arts section you can admire more than 400 paintings from the Italian and French Renaissance to our century. In the Beaux Arts section there is also a great sculpture sub-section, with works by Rodin, Giacometti and Moore. The Applied Arts section displays objects and furniture from the Middle Ages to the present.

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