7/40.- Bucharest, The Central Universitary Library-Revolution Square


The current square exists in its present form since the 1940s when massive demolitions took place in order to make room for the new Royal Palace. The golden building in the middle was built between 1891 and 1914 under the direction of French architect Paul Gottereau, as The Royal Charles the First Foundation. The Communist allergy to everything reminding the people of their glorious past under the monarchy turned it into what it is to the day, a library. But the complex formed of 3 wings (2 classic ones Dacia and Central, plus a modern one added after 1989) houses also an art gallery an EU Information Center and a bank. Across the street you'll find the National Art Museum (exhibiting many interesting galleries of medieval up to modern age paintings and sculptures, both by Romanian and foreign masters) and nearby also the Hilton Hotel and the Romanian Atheneum, Bucharest's most reputable concert hall.

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