8/40.- Bucharest, The Communist side-effects


These houses, like dozens others in Bucharest are near ruin because of neglect. It's obvious to anyone that they won't last very much time from now. I'd make a club/entertainment district on the street these houses are placed on the French Street-Str Franceza- if I was a mayor. I'd contend that the whole country resembles these houses: beautiful yet ready to collapse. It's because the Communist regime has almost destroyed our economy, our environment, our intellectuals and our chances of living like the Western Europeans. They did it in order to reward the Russians and to benefit from it themselves: a nation of ignorants won't have much to say against virtual slavery imposed by a ruthless oligarchy interested only in its own affairs but behind the mask of the hymerical utopian Communist society. History has been harsh with us, yet I hope the future will bring some sunshine for us.

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