6/40.- Bucharest, The National Museum of Romanian History


Built in 1900 by Romanian architect Alexandru Savulescu in French Eclectic style, designed as Central Post Office, function kept until the 1960s, this palace is a true landmark of my city. Placed on one of the most notorious streets, The Avenue of Victory (Calea Victoriei) named after the victory against the Turkish Empire in 1878 which gave us complete independence as a nation, the palace keeps in its hundreds of rooms tens of thousands of priceless items, aged from 2 million years ago until recent times. I like to think of this palace as Bucharest's Louvre because of the size of it or the priceless items up for view (the basement contains for example a real size copy of Trajan's Column in Rome which shows how the Romans-our ancestors- conquered the territory which we now inhabit).

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