10/46.- Beijing, Tiananmen, Museum of the Chinese People's Revolution


Just outside the Forbidden City main gate is another of the highlights of a tour of Beijing, Tiananmen Square or "The Gate of Heavenly Peace". The square became famous worldwide in 1989, when on June the 4th a peaceful demonstration for more freedom and democracy led by hundreds of thousands of students, intellectuals and labor activists ended in a massacre. More than 500 people were killed in the incident. Since then, the topic has been a political taboo in mainland China.

In the picture you can see the east side of the Square. Here there are two museums: the "Museum of Chinese History", with information about the history of this country, do not miss the Beijing man and the terracotta statues from Xi'an sections; and the "Chinese Revolution Museum", with information about the Chinese revolution and the role of the Communist party.

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