11/46.- Beijing, Tian an Men, Chairman Mao Memorial Hall


In the middle of Tiananmen Square is Chairman Mao's Mausoleum, where, after a short queue, you can see the preserved body of Mao. I did not visit the Mausoleum, so I can't give you my opinion. I was told it is a quite interesting visit. The body is in a big bright hall. No photographs are allowed inside.

Tiananmen Square is a rather modern creation. Its origins date back to 1417, when imperial offices and walls of the Imperial City were demolished in order to make room for this huge square, which some say can hold up to one million people. Previously this plot of land was inside the Forbidden City and connected the Temple of Heaven to Qianmen and the palace. The square was burned down several times. Its current layout is from 1952.

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