9/46.- Beijing, Forbidden City, the Meridian Gate


East of the "East Route" is the "Far East Route". In this part of the city the Empress and the Imperial concubines used to live during the Ming Dynasty. To enter this part of the city you will also need a special ticket, which, if you have not bought it before, you can buy at the "Gate of Celebrating Bestowing". The entrance to the Treasure Gallery is through the "Gate of Imperial Zenith". Here is where the famous Nine Dragon Wall sits. North of it is the "Hall of the Imperial Zenith", which hosts part of the Treasure Gallery. The second exhibition hall is the "Hall of Tranquil Longevity". North of it are the "Hall of Nature Cultivation" and the "Hall of Joyful Longevity". Further north is the "Concubine Pearl Well". Through the "Gate of Chastity and Obedience", you exit the Overlord Complex.

In the picture you can see the "Meridian Gate", the Forbidden City main entrance gate. This will be our last picture of the Imperial Palace.

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