18/50.- Luxor, Karnak Temple, khnum temple's ceiling


In the reign of Thutmose III the Karnak complex was greatly enlarged. He added a pylon (the 6th) and pillared courts containing halls in which he inscribed the annals of his campaigns. He also built to the East of the Middle Kingdom area a transverse temple in the form of a jubilee pavilion. He erected also the wall that runs round the temple from the 4th pylon Eastward, and he designed the sacred lake to the South of it, on which the bark of Amon floated. Small additions were made by his successors, and Amenhotep III added a pylon (the 3rd) to the West.

In the photo you can see some of the reliefs that decorate the ceilings of this temple. Most of the ceilings in the complex of Karnak have fallen. I guess the ones that don't remain looked similar to this one.

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