17/50.- Luxor, Karnak Temple, khnum temple


Khnum was the son of Amon and Mut, and was the god of the moon and of time. This temple was dedicated to him. Although this temple is well preserved, while I was here I didn't see many tourists visiting it. I guess guides didn't have time to come here.

The history of the Karnak complex dates back to the Middle Kingdom. Unfortunately almost nothing remains today of this period, except a small jubilee shrine of Sesostris I (Senusret I; reigned 1908–1875), now reconstructed from ruins found inside the 3rd pylon. Thutmose I (1493–c. 1482), at the beginning of the New Kingdom enclosed this 12th-dynasty temple with a pillared hall and fronted it with two pylons (the 5th and 4th).

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