19/50.- Luxor, Karnak Temple, khnum temple's, monkey


This statue can be seen in the Temple of Khnum. I would not have seen it, if it were not for the temple guides. While visiting the complex of Karnak local guides will call you and ask you to follow them. They will show you the best place to take your photos, the more interesting things to see and some "hidden" rooms. They don't do it for free, of course. Once you have seen what you were supposed to see, they will ask for money, "baksheesh" they call it.

In my opinion you should always give them something. Remember their salaries are really low. But it is not an obligation. Locals always ask for money, and when you give them, they usually ask for more. If you think what they showed you was not worth anything, just say: no tanks. They are really nice people, and if you are polite with them they will be polite with you. But remember, you will have to give an Egyptian pound several times, so bring as many 1 pound notes as you can get.

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