13/46.- Beijing, Tian an Men, Monument of the People's Heroes


In the middle of Tiananmen sits this 120 feet granite obelisk. It is the "Monument to the People's Heroes", in memory of the Chinese people who sacrificed their lives for the revolutionary struggle in the 18th and 19th centuries. On the base there is a bas-relief carved out of white marble covering revolutionary episodes.

In the picture you can see the front side of the obelisk with Mao's handwriting. It translates as "Eternal glory to the people's heroes!"

Tiananmen is one of the sights a tourist should not miss in Beijing, and just because of this, the place is also filled with tourist hustlers. They will try to sell you souvenirs or take you to one of their art shops. Just say "buyao xie xie", which means "No thanks, I do not want it", and they will leave. Watch out also if you come during the cold months. Winds usually blow pretty strongly here.

Every sunrise and every sunset a big Chinese flag is raised and lowered by marching soldiers who come out of the Forbidden Palace. Do not miss this!

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