9/50.- New York, Sightseeing Bus


A great way to visit New York, if you are here for a few days, is to take one of the sightseeing buses -- you can see the upper deck of one at the bottom of the picture.

However, if you are in New York for a week or more (the minimum stay I would recommend, by the way), you can skip these bus tours. You will really enjoy your stay much more if you discover the marvels of this city while walking. To move around the city, you can buy a subway ”one day pass” which allows unlimited rides on the subway for a 24 hour period. If you take less than three trips in a day, it is cheaper to buy individual tickets. For longer stays, buy the week or month passes. All these passes are valid on local buses.

Subway stations and trains could be cleaner, but they are efficient. The subway network works 24 hours a day, and will take you almost everywhere in Manhattan. Safety used to be a problem, but things have improved a lot lately. However, I would strongly advise women travelers not to take trains at night, especially if traveling alone.

There are several subway systems in the city so make sure to consult the map for where you are going or ask directions at the entry gate.

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