16/26.- Pyramids tour, Saqqara, hypostyle hall


The complex of Saqqara is huge. There are so many interesting things to see here that a complete visit to this area could take several days. Most probably you will only have a few hours to visit it. The things you should not miss are: the pyramid of Zoser (the one we saw on the previous photo, on our left), the hypostyle hall (in this photo), the funerary temple of Zoser (behind the pyramid), the Teti pyramid, the Serapeum (with more than 25 sarcophagus) and the tombs of Akhi -Hotep and Ptah-Hotep.

Saqqara used to be the necropolis of Memphis (the capital of Egypt for several centuries). The Serapeum was found in the 19th century. The big funerary temple of Zoser was discovered in 1924, archeologists are still working on this area.

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