42/50.- Mount Nemrut, statues at the east terrace


The first written history about Kommagene Civilization starts in 850 BC. Kommagenes knew a Hittite period, they were part of a Persian satrapy, then a Hellenistic period, the period of King Mithridates Kallinikos, the period of Antiochus I. The art of the Kommagenes is a synthesis of Greek and Persian art. The statues at Mount Nemrut are the finest examples of Kommagene art. The fact that we find them at this altitude is the practice of old civilizations of building worshipping sanctuaries on high hills or peaks of the mountains. They accompany the Tomb of King Antiochus I, a magnificient monumental tomb, a tumulus formed by broken stones over the tomb rooms and sacred areas surrounding three sides of the tumulus built. On these areas called east, west and north terraces, there are the statues which represent deities and the king himself, reliefs and inscriptions at the east and west terraces.

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