1/50.- Excursions from Izmir, Pamukkale and Goreme


Welcome to Izmir the Aegean seaport of Turkey where we start our journey through Turkey. This guide covers three main provinces, Izmir (with trips of Ephesus, Didima, Miletus, Priene, and Pergamum), the province of Denizli (trips Pamukkale, Aphrodisias) and the province of Kaisery (Cappadocia). To be more oriented about the tour, see the map of Turkey.

Dating back 5000 years Izmir is considered the oldest city of the Mediterranean basin. Also mentioned by its ancient name, Smyrna, Izmir is the third most populous city of Turkey, the country largest port after Istanbul and the capital of the Province of Izmir. Hittite, Ionian, Persian, Roman, Hellenistic, Byzantine, Ottoman, Mongol, ancient Smyrna knew times of prosperity and cultural development interrupted only by natural disasters, the plague, earthquakes, fires. In recent times the city was destroyed in the fire of September 13, 1922.

Modern Izmir is called "Occidental Izmir" and is considered to be the most liberal city of Turkey in what lifestyle, values, gender roles are concerned. A tour of the city's highlights, the Agora, Kadifekale, the Archeological Museum, the Asansor, Hisar Mosque, the Clock Tower takes approximately half a day and is better if you hire a taxi from the hotel you are staying.

From Izmir one can take private or group tours of Ephesus, Pergamum, Sardis within almost two hours distance from the city, not very cheap but with a professional licensed guide (our guide was an archeologist) who can speak foreign languages and in an air conditioned car or minibus. Let's go in our first tour, to the city of Selcuk, the tour of Ephesus.

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