15/50.- Aphrodisias, Tetrapylon


Today we take a guided tour of Aphrodisias, an important archeological site in the Aegean region. The excursion starts in the morning with a pick up from the hotel and the meeting in Pamukkale our departure point. Aphrodisias is 1.5 hours driving from Pamukkale. About the ancient city of Aphrodisias there is archeological evidence that predates the Hellenistic and Roman city going back to the Bronze Age. But the city as a cultic center dedicated to Aphrodite flourished under the Roman Empire (1st century BC -4th century AD). The ruins are numerous and well preserved. A two mile long Byzantine wall still surrounds the city. The Temple of Aphrodite, eventually converted to a Christian basilica, is excellently preserved. The Tetrapylon, the gate which was leading people to their great temple, the Baths of Hadrian, the theater and the stadium. One of the most attractive features of Aphrodisias is the ornamental gate erected in the middle of the 2nd century. The name Tetrapylon refers to its being composed of four groups of four columns. The entrance lies to the east. The front row of Corinthian columns with spiral fluting look out on to a street with north-south alignment. The second and third columns of this fourfold structure are surmounted by a semicircular lintel with relief figures of Nike and Erotes amid acanthus leaves. The process of repairing and re-erecting the Tetrapylon columns was completed in 1990.

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