9/50.- Didyma, Temple of Apollo


Didyma, that in ancient times used to be a cultic center of Miletus, is located in the village of Yenikoy, about 15 kilometers from the site of Miletus. The Didymaion, the earliest temple of Apollo dates from the Archaic period the 8th century BC. During the Hellenistic period and years following, the Didymaion was one of the greatest oracular temples of Apollo, second only to the one in Delphi, Greece. From the 122 columns with Ionic capitols three columns still survived to this day and they are indeed impressive telling of the grandeur of the temple in its day. The Hellenistic Temple of Apollo at Didyma knew centuries of fame and wealth only to fall into disuse with the advent of Christianity in the 3rd century AD.

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