5/50.- Pergamum, altar to Zeus


A memorable day, the second day of our stay in Izmir we took a full day guided tour of Pergamum, Turkish Bergama. Bergama lies some 75Km away from Izmir. The first part of the day concentrates on the visit of Pergamum the ancient healing center, the Aesculapium, named after Asclepios, the God of Medicine in Greek times. We received a detailed explanation of the kind of medicine practiced at Pergamum, the therapeutic methods and the function of different rooms and structures at the site. After lunch (which was included) we continued visiting Pergamum and the Acropolis, the temple of Athena and Trajan, the Temple of Zeus, the temple of Dyonisos, the Gymnasium, Odeon, Agora, the Great Theater, and the Roman baths.

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