25/43.- Prague, Prazsky Hrad


You can see here the Palace’s main gateway, in Hradcanské Namesti. The Castle is so big that we would need to dedicate a complete Photographic Tour to it to see all its many interesting buildings. Instead, I will only show you the entrance, explain you what you can find in here. Sorry, if you want to see its wonders, you’ll have to come to Prague.

The Prague Castle (Prazsky Hrad) was founded more than 1000 years ago and is the seat of the Bohemian government. The Castle main buildings are: the Royal Summer Palace (1534), the Royal Garden, the Sternbersky Palac (a National Gallery of European art), the Cathedral (which we saw before), St. Wenceslas’ Church, the Old Royal Palace, the Convent and Basilica of St. George, the National Gallery of Bohemian Art, the Lobkovicky Palác, the Schwarzenberg Palace, the Toscana Palace, the Church of St. Benedict, the Martinic Palace, among many other Palaces, gardens, chapels and churches.

We will now leave the Palce and go back to the other river bank ... But first we will visit the Chrám sv. Mikuláse

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