21/43.- Prague, Katedrála sv. Vita


The Prague Castle (Prazsky Hrad, in Czech) is the monument you can see on the top of the hill, it’s the most important monument in Prague, and a symbol of the state of Bohemia. In the Prague Castle there are churches, Palaces, towers, basilicas, courtyards and many other interesting things to visit (which we will do later). But the most impressive building in the Castle is probably the Cathedral. Its name in Czech is Katedrála sv. Vita (you can see part of it on the middle-left of the image). The current church replaced an old Basilica. Its construction lasted several centuries. It began in 1344 in times of John of Luxembourg, the oldest part was finished in 1406. In the 15th century the construction was interrupted by the Hussite revolution. Works continued in 1560-1562 with the Renaissance decoration of the tower. The construction of the western part began in 1873 and was finished in 1929.

We will take our last view of the Charles Bridge and walk to the Castle.

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