2/50.- Istanbul, Eminonu waterfront


A good start in exploring the old city would be a stroll along Eminonu ferry docks. Eminonu is Istanbul's major hub, a ferry port, and a square. One thousand years ago, the Byzantines used to buy fruits, vegetables and cereals in this market; during the early Ottoman times the Karaite Jewish community lived here.

In modern times Eminonu square boasts the Egyptian (spices) bazaar and the Yeni Mosque along with the Central Post Office and the nearby Sirkeci Station. In the picture you can see fresh first catch of the day charcoal grilled for a tasty bite that ferry passengers can enjoy on Eminonu waterfront. The sign on the boat says: Fish and Bread. Black Sea fish.

The Eminönü-Zeytinburnu tram will take us along Divan Yolu, Istanbul's main avenue.

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