4/20.- Great Meteoron, Greece


Here, we see the entrance to one of the centuries-old monastery buildings. Great Meteoron has much more to see than the other monasteries.

The attractions are spread over three levels. The top level has the old kitchen, the refectory (complete with silverware and plates on the table, and icons on the wall), and the church. Like some of the other monasteries, the church has impressive floor-to-ceiling Byzantine frescos. The middle level has a series of little museums including one with a bunch of old manuscripts, one with religious articles, and the best of the three, a little historical museum covering from 1820 on. The historical museum, set in a room with the smell of incense and the sound of ecclesiastical music in the background, has lots of uniforms and weapons from various Greek struggles as well as patriotic posters from the wars of the 20th century.

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