1/20.- Welcome to Meteora, Greece


Welcome to the monasteries of Meteora, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of Greece's most spectacular tourist destinations!

Meteora is known for its unusual geological formations (sandstone rock pillars) and for the medieval monasteries built high atop them. The monasteries were mostly built from the 14th-16th centuries by monks seeking to get away from it all (and that "all" definitely includes the Turkish occupation!) Although 20 monasteries were built, today only six remain intact and are open to the public.

Although the monasteries themselves are worth seeing, what's really amazing about this place - what's truly unique - are the views! Seeing these medieval monasteries perched atop the odd-looking sandstone towers is really a terrific travel experience. Pictures and text can't really do the place justice . . . but I'll try my best!

Here, from a prime vantage point, we can see four of the six monasteries.

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