2/20.- Great Meteoron, Greece


Meteora isn't near any airports, so you pretty much have to come by car, train, or bus tour. The main town, at the foot of the hills, is Kalambaka (sometimes spelled Kalampaka).

Kalambaka is about 220 miles northwest of Athens and takes 5-6 hours by car, so it's really too far to do in a single day roundtrip. People who drive here typically visit other spots in Greece, such as Delphi, as part of the trip. There are a number of bus tours that visit Meteora as part of a two-day trip, or as one stop in a longer tour of Greece. The train is reasonably convenient, taking about 4.5 to 5 hours from Athens (usually requiring a change of trains in Pariopharsalos).

Kalambaka is between Athens and Thessaloniki, Greece's "second city," so if you are planning to visit both cities, Kalambaka a nice place to stop overnight (or for two nights) in between the two. The train between Kalambaka and Thessaloniki takes about 3.5 hours.

Let's begin our visit to Meteora with a stop at the Great Meteoron Monastery, the largest, oldest, and best known of the monasteries. And, as you can see from the sign, you need to be properly dressed to get in!

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