7/42.- Geneva, Lac Leman


Called "Lac Léman" by the French, Lake Geneva is the largest lake in Western Europe. For a better view of the lake, join one of the boat tours. You will find plenty of options on the quays by the Mont-Blanc Bridge. There are short trips, long trips, evening trips and night trips. All of them are recommended.

Lake Geneva lies between France and Switzerland. The southern shore belongs to France. If you are planning a longer stay, do not miss some of the French locations on the lake. Nyon, an old Roman town with its own Nyon History Museum, is a perfect place to relax and practice sports. Rolle is a small town where you can visit the lower Jura forests and the region's famous vineyards. St-Prex, is a medieval town ideal for holidaymaker. Morges, the "Flower of the Lake", facing Mont Blanc, is perfect for a relaxed stay. Lausanne, the Olympic Capital, is for shopping and strolling. Vevey, in the foothills of the Alps, is very scenic and great for hiking and excursions. Montreux is famous for its lovely location and for its summer festivals. Villeneuve, at the east end of Lake Geneva, is the place to go fishing and enjoy its old town.

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