8/43.- Florence, Piazza della Signoria, sculpture


In front of the 'Palazzo Vecchio', in the 'Piazza della Signoria', there is an arcade with several sculptures. I will show you some of the works in this "open air" museum.

Now it is time to learn something about the Medici Family. The most powerful family in florence during the period of time when this city was the center of the culture in Europe. Giovanni di Bicci Medici (1360-1429) was a successful banker and the first member of this dynasty, his son Cosimo Il Vecchio (1389-1464), consolidated the influence of this family in the city’s government. The grandson Lorenzo il Magnifico (1449-1492) was the protector of many intellectuals. Among many other important members of this family there are two popes: Leon X (1475-1521) and Clement VII (1478-1534).

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