7/43.- Florence, Palazzo Vecchio


The 'Palazzo Vecchio' is located in the 'Piazza della Signoria'. It was constructed in 1294 (A. di Cambio) and later expanded by Buontalenti and Vasari. It was designed as a Fortress-Palace to be used as the 'Signoria' headquarters. The elected members of the Republic of Florence formed the 'Signoria'. In 1540 The Medici Family moved to this palace, they stayed here for ten years, later they moved to the 'Palazzo Pitti'. Then they called this Palace the old Palace (= 'Palazzo Vecchio').

You can find here a nice courtyard, the 'Salone Cinquecento' (in the first floor), The 'Cappela della Signoria' (second floor) and the 'Sala dell’Udienza' (second floor) among other rooms full of works of art.

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