1/37.- Welcome to Camaret


Welcome to Camaret, a small fishing village at the Westernmost tip of Brittany, France. The department is appropriately called Finistère : end of the earth. The Crozon peninsula, where Camaret is situated, looks like a granite anchor thrust into the sea. Its capes and cliffs (more about which later) look out onto the infinite immensity of the ocean.

The village itself used to be a very active fishing port -- tunafish and lobster. Camaret fishing-boats would leave for months to fish along the coasts of Mauritania. This explains the bawdy song about the Girls of Camaret, whose boyfriends would leave for months on end, leaving their girls without men and without resources.

Today, Camaret has become a pleasant tourist resort, invigorating at Easter, sunny and crowded during the summer, but always charming. The village itself is small (although it would take a while to visit all its restaurants), but the peninsula offers a beautiful variety of sights -- rugged granite on its southern shores, lusher greenery in the north, and towns and villages which each have their own character and atmosphere. Follow me, and I'll take you around.

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