5/40.- Bucharest, Administrative Complex in Revolution Square


This building was constructed in 1940. It's typical of the period in which massive buildings such as the new National Bank Palace or the Ministry of Transport were built. I, for one, think of American buildings such as the NYSE or the Pentagon when seeing this robust colonnaded edifice which now houses apart from the Senate (which is the name most people use when referring to this building) the Ministries of Workforce and Health.

In the Communist period this was the headquarters of the Communist Party and it was called CC (initials of Comitetul Central-The Central Party Committee). It's symmetrical but I wasn't able to get it all in one shot (behind me was a statuary complex, and this building is quite large). Imagine that the wing on the left is repeated on the right side. In the middle of the photo we will find a small white marble pyramid with a flame sculpted  out of earth, in memory of those who died here during the 1989 Romanian Revolution. This is the place from which Ceausescu, the former dictator left by helicopter, only to be captured, tried and shot in the following hours.

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