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Hi, I am Chachi and I've been your Machu PicchuVirtual Guide. If you want to write to me with questions about Cuzco, Machu Picchu or the Sacred Valley email me , or visit my site at

I was born in Lima (Peru) and received my bachelor's degree in business administration. My full name is Theodore Brodman, but people call me Chachi. I organized river rafting trips and expeditions in the Andes for 10 years before joining Global Awareness Institute (GAI). GAI is a non-profit organization that removes endangered animals from the marketplace; runs a shelter for injured animals and rehabilitation center near Iquitos, Peru; protects habitats in the Amazon jungle ("adopt a tree" programs and organized security for existing forests); and shows visitors how to restore ecosystems (tree planting projects to stop erosion).

The photos in the tour of Cuzco / Andes / Machu Picchu were developed at Nishiyama ("50 years in the art of photography" was their slogan in 1999) in Cuzco on Calle Triunfo 346.

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