1/48.- Welcome to the Northeast Vietnam virtual tour!!


Hello. Welcome to the Northeast Vietnam Virtual Tour. On the following pages I will show you the towns and landscapes of this part of the country.

Northeast Vietnam is a destination most tourists who go to Vietnam do not visit. It is a pity, because sceneries here are fabulous. In some of the places I will show you, tourism is still very scarce.

To get to the Northeast you will have to book a tour. You will find some tours available in most tour agencies in Hanoi. If you come to Vietnam in the summer time (June-August), it won't be difficult for you to find a group tour. If you come here during the off season, you may have to book a private tour. Private tours are more expensive, but they are much better. In my case I went on a private tour, and I really think this is the right way to visit this off the beaten path destination.

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