3/48.- Northeast Vietnam, Babe Lake, home stay


Road conditions in the North of Vietnam are not very good. The trip to Babe Lake, which is 150 miles (250 km) from Hanoi, will take you several hours. You will get to Babe Lake town in the afternoon. Most visitors sleep in a local house. If you are traveling with a guide, he will take care of everything. He will guide you to your home stay, and do all the paperwork. If you are traveling on your own, it will be easy to find a place to sleep. When you get to Babe Lake town, ask a local for a lodging. Remember that you need a permit to sleep in a private house.

Local houses are made of wood. They are very simple. Beds are not very comfortable, and rooms can be very noisy. But sleeping with locals in such a remote place is an experience I do recommend. Bring insect repellent and ear plugs.

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