1/37.- Welcome to Taipei, Taiwan!!!


Taipei is a sprawling metropolis of 2.6 million inhabitants and serves as the capital of the Republic of China on Taiwan.

Taiwan’s turbulent post World War II history in terms of relations with mainland China and the fact that it gradually has become a de facto non-entity as far its status as an officially recognized sovereign nation in some ways make a visit to the island and its capital even more interesting and exotic (especially for history buffs).

There must be very few cities of Taipei’s size that can match the variety of amazing attractions it offers. Be it the world’s tallest building, bullet train service, modern and extensive subway system (MRT), stunning temples or fabulous markets, it is sure to offer something for anyone’s taste. Through the next 37 pages of this Virtual Tour I will try to show the best that Taipei has to offer as seen through my camera lens. We’ll begin our tour with an overhead view of the city’s urban sprawl, yet even from this point of view we can see that the tranquility of nature is not all that far away from the modern chaos as all of Taipei is nestled between misty mountain ranges.

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