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Philippines is an archipelago of more than 7.000 islands located East of Vietnam and North of Malaysia and Indonesia. The country offers thousands of paradisiacal islands, beautiful landscapes in the mountainous regions, a warm and tropical climate, and a local population which is among the friendliest in the world. But one of the main reasons for coming to the Philippines is to practice scuba diving. On the following pages I will try to introduce you some of the best diving sites in the Philippines among other destinations in this country.

When to Go/Climate: The Philippines has a tropical climate. The country has three differentiated seasons: the Winter, from December to February; the Summer, from March to May; and the rainy season, from June to November. Winters are somewhat colder than summers, but it is never too hot or too cold in the Philippines. The best season to come is from December to May. The high season is December and the Holy week.

Get in: The best way to get to the Philippines is by air. You can fly to Manila's International Airport (MNL) from many destinations in Asia, Europe and America, but I would recommend skipping Manila, and flying directly to Cebu (CEB). If you want to get the cheapest rates, fly to Singapore, Hong Kong or Kuala Lumpur, and take a local low cost flight to Manila or Cebu.

Get around: the best way of moving from one island to the other is by plane. The main air company is Philippines Airlines, but several low cost companies fly to the islands (Cebu Pacific, Zest Airlines and PAL Express.) You can also go to the islands by Ferry. To move around the islands you can use the local transport: Shuttle vans are the most recommended for long distances, for short distances the tricycles and taxis are recommended.

Money and Costs: The local currency is the Filipino Peso. Prices in Philippines are low or very low. You can exchange foreign currencies in the exchange shops; most banks do not exchange money. If you are traveling to an island, make sure there is an ATM there, because some don't have.

Length of stay: The length of your stay will depend on what you want to do and how many days you have. If you want to do some scuba diving two or three weeks will be enough.

Languages/People: 90 million people live in the Philippines. They speak several local dialects, but the official languages are filipino and English. Most of the local population is perfectly fluent in English.

Food: Local food is good and cheap. You should not miss the fish and the sea food.

Safety: Philippines is a very safe country, but some areas in Manila and other tourist destinations are not.

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