6/41.- Boracay, White Beach


The offer of accommodation in Boracay is very varied. The places to stay are scattered all around the island, but each area has its own personality. So before choosing a hotel, make sure what you are looking for.

White Beach can be divided in three zones: Station One, perfect for staying close to all the action, but in a quiet area (prices are high); Station Two, where most discos and bars are, this is the area to stay for people looking for night action (prices are moderate); Station Three, more laid back and very quiet.

Bulabog Beach has very competitive prices, and is even more laid back than Station Three. The area is close enough to White Beach to walk.

If you are looking for the most exclusive resorts they tend to be on the hills on the north of the island. Some of them offer great views of White Beach, at not very affordable prices.

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