4/43.- Shanghai, Moore Memorial Church


One of the things that make of Shanghai a special place is the speed at which the city changes. Where one week was an old house, next week you can see the foundations of a new skyscraper. New streets, new shopping malls, new residential areas are currently being built all over the city. And the changes never end. If you have not been in Shanghai for a while, you should revisit the city to see how it is evolving. And if you are planning your first visit here, you can be sure it will not be your last. Shanghai is a city that has to be visited from time to time to fully understand it.

In the picture you can see the mixture of styles in the center of Shanghai. In the background you can see one of the financial skyscrapers in the city center. In the foreground you can see the Moore Memorial Church. The original church was built in1929, but a couple of years later the Hungarian architect Ladislaus Hudecin rebuilt this landmark in People's Square.

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