3/43.- Shanghai, East Nanjing Road


If People Square is the main square in the city center, Nanjing Road is the main avenue in Shanghai. It is one of the first places a foreign tourist will visit.

Nanjing Road (or Nanjing Lu) is split in two. On the west side we have West Nanjing Road, with its shops and malls; and on the east side, we have East Nanjing Road.

East Nanjing Road stretches from People's Square to the Bund Waterfront. This street is usually overcrowded, especially late in the afternoon and during weekends. Shops, malls, restaurants and cafés attract locals and visitors alike. This street is traffic-free. A walk along this street will keep you entertained for a while.

Nanjing Road is an excellent place to start your visit to Shanghai. Here you will see how Western Shanghai is.

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