1/38.- Jiuzhaigou Valley Tourist information. Welcome to the Jiuzhaigou Valley, China


Jiuzhaigou Valley is one of the most beautiful National Parks in the world, and definitely the number one National Park in China. If you like Alpine landscapes, streams and waterfalls you should not miss the Jiuzhaigou Valley.

Currently this is one of China's top tourist destinations among Chinese visitors, but it is still not very well-known among foreigners. If you have already visited China's main tourist cities, and want to see an amazing natural environment, you should add Jiuzhaigou Valley to your destinations list.

In this tour, I will show you pictures of the park, along with practical tourist information. I hope you enjoy the visit.

In the picture you see the colored pools in Huanglong Scenic Area, another natural marvel in the region. At the end of this presentation, I will also give you some tourist tips about this site.

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