5/46.- Beijing, Forbidden City, Quian Qing Gong


The Forbidden City, which is also known as the Palace Museum, was home to the Ming and Qing Emperors. 24 Emperors lived here for almost five centuries.

In order to visit the complex you need a plan. The area is so big that if you do not follow a given path, you may miss some of its highlights. In the following pages I will try to give you information about the routes you should follow.

You should start the visit at the "Meridian Gate" (Wu Men), south entrance , where you can buy an audio guide. Go straight ahead and you will get to the "Gate of Supreme Harmony", where there is a souvenir shop. If you keep walking north , you will see a big Palace, it is the "Hall of Supreme Harmony", for the king's public ceremonies. Next north is the "Hall of Middle Harmony", and the "Hall of Preserving Harmony". East of the latter is the "Clock Gallery"; and west , the "Painting Gallery".

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